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DSC_0347Want to share your message with more power and clarity?

I’ll teach you practical skills to
reclaim your voice,
speak with confidence,
and convey your message
with strength and heart.

You know that feeling when you’re surrounded by people who are captivated by your words, your stories, your expertise, your awesomeness?

They lean in. There’s a flash of insight. They nod, gasp, grin.
They really get it. They say, “tell me more.”
Then–yes, I’m gonna say it–they give you money
because they know you’re the one who can (finally) help them.

Then you get to do more of the work you love.

I love these moments.
They’re about so much more than some old, dried up idea of “public speaking.”
They’re about connection, empowerment, and liberation.

GET REAL PUBLIC SPEAKING is all about showing you how to create these moments in your life and your business: whether you’re in a business meeting or on a polished stage — whether your audience is coworkers, clients or change leaders.

Statistics and spreadsheets are fine

But a good story takes us to the heart of the matter.

It connects us with one another. And it’s when you connect with others that the most essential changes happen: in your business, your personal life, and the world at large.

Whether in a group training, or private coaching, my methods combine tried and true public speaking skills and deeply transformative performance techniques to help you speak your truth confidently, authentically, and dynamically.

Together we’ll transform your fear and self-doubt into confidence, grace and power.
We’ll turn “Sorry no I can’t present at your conference” to “When’s the next time I get to speak?”
And we’ll turn the scramble of “Where am I gonna get my next client?” into “I’d be happy to add you to my waiting list. I can start working with you in three months.”

Here’s what GET REAL Public Speaking is all about:


We all want to be truthful and authentic. But man-oh-man that can feel terrifying. Because sometimes it means rocking the boat, and that voice in your head thinks no one wants to hear it and yikes you could be wrong.

Right. That’s no fun.

I’ll help you figure out what’s true for you. How to show it. How to speak it. How to be it. With ease and heart and smarts. No going off the deep end. You’re gonna love it.


Do you have this little voice in your head? “Well nobody else has said this big idea I think is amazing so it’s probably not actually that amazing anyway so maybe I’ll just keep quiet — hey are those cupcakes??”

Here’s the deal. The rest of us are waiting for you to say it. We NEED you to say it. Because we can’t yet — and you can. It’s your truth, and you’re exactly the person to say it.

It’s time to speak up. Clearly. Boldly. Today.


Listen. I don’t want you to speak like me or your high school drama teacher or whatever other really cool, dynamic, powerful, truth-speaking person you might like. That job’s already taken. I want to hear you. (And hey: so does everybody else!) It’s your turn. To just be you. Wholly, deeply, powerfully, truly you. Let’s do this.

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