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WOMEN who SPEAK [without investment]


Delivering A Bold, Game Changing Talk
is as Much About the Journey as it is About the Results

Let’s get YOU onstage, delivering authentic, riveting material filled with heart and gusto, so you can grow your business, do the meaningful work you’re meant to do and watch your dreams become reality.

  • Your message has the potential to change lives. You’re passionate, you love what you do, you dream big. Your business mission makes your heart sing. 
  • You are ready to grow your platform, build a larger audience, and bring new clients and opportunities into your business. 
  • Your expertise is sharp – and you KNOW this is the right time and you KNOW public speaking is the way for you to grow.

But you feel like a best kept secret because . . .

  • You don’t know the best strategies to put together a compelling talk, deliver it like a pro, and get yourself booked solid for speaking gigs that lead to clients and opportunities, and 
  • You’re nervous to try because the thought of using a sales formula template to create a formulaic sounding talk makes you want to hurl, and 
  • Before you put in the time and energy to create a talk, you need to believe that the talk you create will be authentic to you, in your unique voice AND deliver big for your audience.

You want your inner BAD-ASS SPEAKER to finally have a voice the world hears, and gets you results in your business!


Announcing the Speaker Lab
for (BadAss) Women Business-Owners and Change-Makers

Join me and an intimate group of powerhouse women
on an unparalleled 3.5 month speaking journey

I’ll show you how to craft a dynamite talk that gets to the heart of your message, and deliver it with confidence, power, and the quirkiness that makes you YOU. 

We’ll dive into your stories, your wisdom, your genius, your expertise and we’ll gather it all together to craft the talk that will transform you, your business and the world. And you won’t have to do it alone.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A talk you know in your bones
  • A plan for getting your talk out in front of audiences you know you can serve
  • A cohort of cheerleaders and colleagues to support you on the journey

Limited to 6 participants.
Click HERE to apply. 
Or email Johanna with questions

I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to speak about when I first contacted Johanna about her Women who speak Intensive. I had many doubts that I could find a topic that was worth sharing, and even if I did, my confidence in speaking was zero. My journey with Johanna and Women Who Speak has been incredible. Not only have I discovered what I want to share with the world, I am taking action with speaking and have confidence and momentum to keep going. On this wonderful journey, I learned how to cultivate my story, my skills and new ways to connect with others. Johanna is a gifted guide and instructor. Highly recommend!

~Jill Krush, psychotherapist


You’ll be Supported Every Step of the Way
As You Create a Talk that is Truly Original
and Speaks to Your Ideal Audience
In a Way that Inspires Them
AND Drives the Results You Seek

You will work with me and an intimate group of powerhouse women, smart cookies & brave speakers who will be on your team as you finally step up to do THAT SPEAKING THING you’ve been meaning to do for months (Did you say years? OK years).

Here are the elements of your 2.5 month journey, starting with the cornerstone 3 day speaking retreat:

3-DAY RETREAT (A Deep Dive into creating your talk): 
You’ll learn the science of how to engineer a talk while staying true to the mystery and intuition of crafting something that is uniquely yours. 
We’ll play with voice, breath, emotion, gut-level truth, passion and dynamics. We’ll get you speaking from your heart and from your body so you’ll be connected and confident on stage.

We’ll stay together in a spacious home for 3 days and 3 nights. Yummy nutritious food will be prepared lovingly for us so we can stay focused on the work (and the play!) to get connected to yourself, your message, and your fellow travelers on the speaking journey.

Our home for the weekend has private sleeping quarters, comfy work spaces, spacious outdoor access. We’ll eat together, work together, and dream together while we plunge forward into the nitty gritty of talk crafting and truth speaking.

We’ll do this, in retreat, for three days. Because I know you’ve got guts, but you’ve got 5 gazillion other things calling for your attention, so you get to TURN IT ALL OFF and focus on you and your message for 3 full days.

After our 3-day intensive,
you’ll fine-tune AND DELIVER your talk!

Not only that, we’ll put our heads and our hearts together to get your talk on its feet and out into the world. (That is what it’s all about, right?)

So your talk does the work its meant to do,
and you can do the work you’re meant to do.


Yep. To fully hone and craft what you created during the retreat. You get my mind and heart on your talk and business for 4 60-minute sessions any time during the program to tweak what’s not quite working, dive into unanswered questions, or take on those inner demons. 4 hours: all yours.

MASTERMIND GROUP (Get your questions answered)

A crucial part to making sure your talk gets to have the life it’s meant to have. Ongoing, prescheduled support meetings with your team to get other minds on your business and your talk. You bring your questions to the group. You walk away with answers, or at least better questions.

GET IT DONE DAY (Get that work done, even when it feels hard) 

Between live meetings, let’s be honest: it can be hard to sit yourself down and do the work you need to do. Especially when it gets hard and messy. (which, yes, sometimes it does). That’s why we have one GET IT DONE Day, which means you’ll join your fellow speakers in a Zoom room, state your intention to the group , then off you go to make it happen. Nothing screams “GET IT DONE” like a little bit of accountability.

FULL-DAY IN-PERSON WORKSHOP(Get your talk stage ready):

This is where we come together for a dress rehearsal. You’ve been digging and editing and cutting and chopping and sweating and shouting your joy from a mountaintop. And now you’re ready to deliver it…..ALMOST! First you’ll get back in your body, in your breath, in your voice and get some game time coaching from me and your team of cheerleaders to polish that talk so it’s ready to take off and fly.

THE SHOWCASE (Deliver your talk in front of a live audience):

Yes! You’ll deliver your talk! In front of a live audience! This is where the rubber meets the road. This is what makes this program like none other. Hundreds of coaches out there will take you through the steps of crafting a talk, but crafting a talk behind your computer screen is not going to take on your demons the way getting on your feet in front of AN ACTUAL AUDIENCE will. Pro videographer included!

Limited to 6 participants.
Click HERE to apply.
Or email Johanna with questions


While I initially was hoping to work with Johanna 1:1, I’m so glad I participated in the Women Who Speak Retreat & Mastermind. I was hesitant about being in a group setting to work on something I was so scared to do – SPEAK! I thought I’d be nervous and uncomfortable. And thankfully I was just that. Because that’s exactly what I needed to truly take the first powerful step into owning my voice – to speak it out loud, in front of real people. Johanna created a safe place for us all to spread our wings and land safely. She is kind and empathetic but also pushed us to stretch (way) beyond our comfort zones. And I’m so glad she did. Eight weeks later, I have two speaking engagements booked!
~Shannon Guild, Brand Strategist, Papermoon

Here’s a Quick List of everything WOMEN who SPEAK Includes:

  • 3-day retreat, with lodging and nutritious, tasty food prepared for you
  • 4 1:1 sessions with Johanna
  • 3 group mastermind sessions 
    (Focus on topics such as overcoming resistance, ongoing strategy questions, clarifying your message, honing in on your call to action, finding your audience etc) 
  • 1 Virtual Get-It-Done Day to keep you moving forward 
  • Full day workshop/rehearsal to prep your talk for the live event
  • Public event to deliver your talk
  • Professional, sharable video of your talk
  • Private FB group
  • Email access to Johanna(for Q’s and copy review between sessions)
  • Accountability partner
  • Accountability journal


You also get these fabulous BONUSES!! 

Lifetime access to my online course:
Strategic Speaking

After you deliver your talk, you’ll get another 45 days of online support to get that talk out into the world. Strategic Speaking, lays out — in actionable baby steps — just what you need to do to get that next gig. And the next one. and the next, and so on. 

It includes templates for speaker sheets, scripts for phone & email pitches, tips for overcoming procrastination & self-doubt, and daily action steps to help keep you moving forward — even when the self-doubt demons want to do the driving.

PLUS we’ll do a bonus group call to help get you on track for the next chapter in your talk’s life. 


Limited to 6 participants.
Click HERE to apply.



After being a Toastmaster for years, I already knew basic mechanics and skills for speech writing and delivery. Working with Johanna, I learned so much more. I learned to craft a speech from my personal stories, my unique authority, and my vulnerability. I learned to deliver it from my heart and touch the audience with my emotion. Way beyond mechanics, I learned to connect with my audience.

~Lori Sandler, Mother and Speaker

I wanted to create a talk in order to increase the visibility of my business. In spite of the fact that I love what I do, and love talking about what I do, figuring out what I wanted to say somehow felt like an impossible task. Johanna’s unique approach to speech-crafting took me on a journey from confusion to clarity. Now I feel emboldened by having faced a fear, gone through a rich creative process, and having shared aspects of my being that often stay hidden.

~Rafia Sharon Rebeck, Psychotherapist

YES You’ll Walk Away From This Program With a Talk, a Speaking Video,
and Best Practices and Strategies to Pitch to Your Ideal Audiences,
but Here are the Real Deal Take-Aways You’ll Have For Life


A MINDSET that’s on your side. We’ll tackle those demons that keep you small. Either that or invite them to tea. Either way you’ll leave with a handle on how not to let those demons Velcro themselves to the driver’s seat and keep you sitting in back.

A BODY that won’t betray you: You’ll learn how to channel, harness, and USE all those fears & nerves & sweats & anxieties that have convinced you to stay small in the name of “what if I start to sweat profusely in the middle of my talk?” No worries there. And I’m not selling deodorant.

A LOVE AFFAIR with yourself and your business: Seriously. That’s what happens when you speak the truth & tell the story of the mountains you moved to get where you are. You find yourself saying “Oh, there I am. Where have I been all this time?” You fall in love. That’s right. No more hiding. Thank God.

A MAP for the next talk you want to craft: And the one after that. And the one after that. Not a formula. A map. With Guideposts and Danger Zones identified. So you know which way to go. Because after you give this talk I promise you there will be more. And you’ll know exactly how to make it happen.

A STRATEGY for how this talks fits into your business and how to get it out there: Because let’s face it. All the personal transformation you can wrangle won’t be worth nuthin if you don’t get your talk out there. And knowing just how it fits into your marketing pipeline is something we’ll hash out till it’s just right.

MAGNETIC LANGUAGE that draws your customer in, makes her know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re the one for her. Not just in the talk itself, but in your promotional materials, your title, your intro, and all the pieces that fit together to give you an oooh la la package that’s impossible to turn down.

And probably some LIFE LONG FRIENDS & COLLEAGUES, too.



• One of those cookie cutter Masterminds where participants feel like a number and have no access to the leader and the members don’t get real actual support from one another or the leader and they walk away wondering what just happened and where all their money went. 

• A get rich quick scheme or a sure fire way to six figures. Speaking will help you grow your business, and attract clients to you for sure, but this is not a scheme to get you there quick. The speaking journey takes commitment and resilience and determination and willingness to step into the arena with your heart open and willing to fail. (But you gotta be willing to fly, too.)

• A course on how to craft a sales talk. We’ll talk about making an offer, and leveraging your talk, and how to speak directly to your audience so they say “Please oh please tell me more.” But the sales formula that makes your audience sick to their stomach because you’ve touched the “must buy now or else I’ll die” nerve? This is not that.

• You doing the same old things you’ve always done (with the same old results). It’s something different. And when you do something different you get a different view on things. You see things you wouldn’t have seen in your run-of-the-mill-day-to-day-grind.


• A big bold investment in yourself and your business. The kind that makes the people around you say “Wow. She’s a person who makes big bold investments in herself and her business. Good for her.”

• A program that takes you step by step through the process of clarifying, identifying and uncovering your message, finding the best stories to tell, crafting & delivering the talk, centering it in your business marketing, getting it out there, and watching your business, your passion and your life expand by leaps & bounds

• A decision you get to make to commit to yourself and your business. To take a grand leap forward. To believe in yourself. To do the work you’ve been putting off.

• An opportunity to take on your ugliest demons, and find the golden treasures they’re protecting.

• A chance to build authentic connections with a crew of dynamite women just like yourself. But not you. Or your mom or your best friend. New friends. New collaborators. New strategic partners. New perspectives.



October 11-14
Thursday arrive 6pm (light dinner & short welcome meeting)
Friday work sessions: 9-12, 2:30-5:30, 7:30-9:30 (B, L, D)
Saturday work sessions 9-12, 2:30-5:30, 7:30-9:30 (B, L, D)
Sunday work sessions: 9-12, 2-5 (B, L)
(Times subject to change…we’ll roll with the energy of the group as we go)
(Delicious, nutritious meals lovingly prepared for you throughout the retreat) 

Date TBD, 9-1 MT:


Dates TBD
3 Virtual Q&A/ Mastermind Calls

Thursday, Dec 6, 10-5
Workshop to rehearse & fine-tune your talk

Friday, Dec 7, 7-9:30
Final Showcase–Deliver Your Talk!

Date TBD: Celebration call & Next Steps

Strategic Speaking:
45 days of action steps
to get your talk booked and out in the world


CLICK HERE to apply
Or email Johanna with questions



In my experience, Johanna carries a gift beyond what she teaches as tools, techniques, awareness, etc. She offers an essence that can take a novice or a pro into a secret, alive place within themselves that had been cordoned off…helping to set a spark of aliveness to that formerly blocked Voice of self. Go! Give yourself that gift.

~Susan Grace, artist and coach