Women Who Speak Showcase - JOHANNA WALKER

Women Who Speak Showcase

Come hear TED-style talks from five powerhouse women!

Speaking is one of the most powerful change-making tools we have. The simple act of telling a story and speaking your truth can have ripple effects far beyond what we can even imagine. 

Tonight’s speakers will be speaking on topics near and dear to their hearts, sharing wisdom and telling stories that are courageous, funny, truthful, transformative and packed with dynamic, inspirational value.

These five women were participants in Johanna Walker’s WOMEN WHO SPEAK Transformational Coaching program, and will be presenting their talks in a final FREE showcase on Friday, December 7th.

The free showcase will take place on:
FRIDAY, December 7th, 7pm
Wesley Chapel, 1290 Folsom St
Register at this link to save your seat. 


Peg Shippert
When Survivors Matter: Ending the Culture of Rape Secrecy

Do you wish you could help solve the problem of sexual violence? Are you afraid someone might tell you about their sexual assault and you’ll say the wrong thing and make it worse? In this talk, Peg Shippert will discuss how to help survivors of sexual violence feel safe to tell their stories, and how making more space for those stories can actually change our culture so that it’s harder for rapists to rape.

Mary Kay Irving
The Sweet, Simple Truth about Health, Aging and the Power of Mother Nature

Many of us worry about or experience the downside to aging with ever increasing aches and pains, senior moments and rising health costs. The US spends trillions of dollars on age related health, while even children are increasingly developing chronic illness. What if it didn’t have to be this way? Health advocate and educator, Mary Kay Irving reveals how the power of Mother Nature might be on your side after all.


Shiquita Yarbrough

Victorious Single Parents
What happens when a single woman of color with 4 kids moves across the country to start a new life? Shiquita Yarbrough, advocate for single parents everywhere, and host of the KGNU radio show that offers resource to single parents, tells the story of how she’s taking matters into her own hands to build the community of support she wants for herself and other parents like her. 

Kerry Temple-Wood
The power of menopause ~ fire, ashes and the phoenix rising

Menopause is powerful stuff, yet women dread, deny and are shamed for the reality of getting older. What if we challenged the narrative of ‘it is all downhill from here”? How might our experience be different? In this talk, Kerry Temple-Wood, menopause coach and mentor, re-envisions the “meno” journey, offering a roadmap that re-writes the midlife story from one of shame to one of purpose, passion, and power.


Shana Turner

Finding focus through photography 

Have you ever felt lost in your life? Photographer Shana Turner shares how she is shifting from passively experiencing her life to actively engaging in it— one split second at a time. It is a simple, practical strategy that sheds new light on an old story.

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More about the Women Who Speak Showcase:

Our process began with a 3-day deep dive residential retreat, and continued with follow up group & individual work, both online and off, to fine-tune these talks and get them stage-ready.

This final showcase of work is one of the most valuable parts of our process, and you play an important role. Speaking doesn’t happen in a vacuum–it happens in community, and you are our community.

Both new and seasoned speakers can spend weeks and months crafting a brilliant talk, but putting it on its feet and in your body in front of a live audience is where the rubber meets the road.

Come witness some rubber meeting the road as these speakers offer the first public showing of their talks, before they head out into the world to claim a bigger stage.