Speaker’s Playground 2 TEST


A creative space for new and seasoned speakers
to cultivate confidence, clarity & presence 

Do you want to be a confident, open-hearted, knock-their-socks-off speaker whose audiences say “TELL ME MORE!” every time you take the stage?

  • You have something to say, a story to tell.
  • You want to make a splash, have an impact, wow the people you’re speaking to.
  • You want to be YOU when you speak, in all your authentic, quirky glory.
  • You want your message to soar.
  • You want to stop worrying about getting it right, break some rules, speak on your terms, tell it like it is, blow the roof off, make waves.

Or maybe you’re more like…um…all that’s great, sure, but could we start with me just having a little more confidence when I speak in front of a group? So my voice doesn’t shake and my knees don’t wobble?

Can I just give a presentation at work without wanting to run out the door and hide in the bathroom while the slides advance themselves?

Is that too much to ask?

Could I be one of those people who actually has fun speaking?

Yep. You sure can.

What if those wobbly knees and self-doubt attacks could become your battery pack to more powerful speaking?

You can speak for your business, be an agent of change, give presentations at work, say the hard stuff to your partner, your boss, your neighbor, your congressman—all with confidence, presence, and a little bit of your own personal flare.


You could be the speaker who: 

    • Raises your hand every time there’s an invitation to speak, because you know your voice matters, and you can stand in your confidence, eager to share your message with the world. 
    • Has fun speaking. You own the room, connect with your audience, show up fluidly present in your body so you can navigate what’s happening in the moment, NOT be glued to a script that goes out the window when something goes off track. 
    • Is willing to walk to your own edge and lean into what’s possible right on the other side of discomfort and fear. 
    • Not only says yes to speaking opportunities that will transform your business and your life, but actually goes after them, because you have the skills it takes to OWN those opportunities that until now you only dreamed of. 
    • Identifies and is known as a thought leader among your peers and beyond. No more holding back. No more hiding in the back of the room. No more apologies for what you know you have to say. No more excuses. 
    • Shakes loose the status quo and speaks for liberation–your own and that of the people around you. Because you know the power of ONE SINGLE VOICE, and you’re ready to let YOURS be one that is heard in the world. 


Welcome to the Speakers Playground!

I’m Johanna Walker. I’m a storyteller, a deep listener, and a champion for your true voice.

I know what it’s like to cower and disappear, to convince yourself you have nothing to say, to pass the power to someone else who “says it better” and hide in the back of the room.

I also know the transformative power of speaking, of showing up fully in my voice and my genius, of showing the truth of who I am and letting that presence be the thing that attracts the people I’m meant to serve.

I love helping passionate, inspired speakers and wanna-be-speakers share their messages with the world. I love seeing someone walk right up to her fear, shake its hand, and keep right on going.


The Speakers Playground is a live, in-person experience in Boulder CO to help you gain confidence and clear presence in your speaking any time you speak.

  • In-person, theme-based sessions: We’ll meet two times per month. Each month we’ll focus on a different theme. (Connection, Presence, Managing Fear, Body Language, Vocal Power, etc)  
  • Ongoing practice opportunities: At each meeting you’ll have the opportunity to get on your feet, connect to your body & voice (so they don’t betray you when it’s your turn to speak) and transform nerves into your battery pack of power. 
  • Skill development: You’ll learn new skills for speaking, and will have a variety of opportunities to integrate and make these skills your own. 
  • A community of new and seasoned speakers: You’ll meet other speakers who are on the path to using speaking to grow their businesses, advance their careers, (re)claim their power and change the world. They’ll be your cheerleaders, your practice partners, your vulnerability squad, your safety net. They might even be collaborators, referrals, and new friends. 

Because the truth is, when we show up fully as ourselves and speak truth that’s in our bones, the things that have been in the way of our power can no longer stand.


  • This is not an online DIY program. You’ll get access to online content to support you in your home practice, but the bulk of the work happens in person, by showing up again and again to step right into the center of your discomfort in a room of others doing the same thing. 
  • This is not a weekend retreat where you “get it all figured out in one shot.” Your patterns around speaking took a lifetime to set in. They’re not going to change over night. Sustainable transformation takes time, practice, and returning again and again to the edge of your comfort zone, so you can watch it expand and grow exponentially. 
  • This is not a private package of one on one sessions.  It’s about community–about the attention you bring and the attention you receive from the group. When it comes to speaking, the true value is in letting yourself be seen by others, again and again. You’ll get focused attention on you and your particular needs, and you’ll gain immense amounts of golden nuggets of speaking wisdom by bringing your attention to other people as well. 
  • This is not a speech crafting course. We will develop content in the context of having something to work with in our fine tuning of delivery skills. Deeper content development is beyond the scope of this program, and can be specifically addressed in a private package or a mastermind program. If you want to hear more about those options, let’s talk
  • This is not a course in how to get booked to speak. If you want support around getting booked to speak, go here. Again, this course can supplement that work, but is not that work. 

The other thing this is not is a place where I tell you how to hold your hands right, or where to stand, or how many words per minute. Those are important indeed, but they happen in the context of getting your VOICE and BREATH and BODY and HEART all in the same room, working together, making you shine, every time you speak, in your unique, quirky, there’s-only-one-you way.


In this ongoing, bi-monthly, practice and play time, you’ll learn the basics of public speaking, but I PROMISE you, it won’t be boring and it WON’T be like all the other public speaking classes you’ve taken, (or dreaded taking, as the case may be). You’ll get connected to yourself, to one another, to your audiences…over and over again.

To SPEAK in any situation with confident and authentic power is the most effective way to stand out in the crowd and influence the people you’re meant to serve.


Cuz that’s the only way to roll, right?
(And yes, you, it’s possible for YOU too!)


  • The Speakers’ Playground meets the first & third Tuesday evenings of each month, beginning February 6. We meet from 6-8pm
  • If you’re paying monthly, you commit for at least 3 months. Membership is rolling. Commit for 6 months and save. ($97/month or $500/6 months) 
  • You get bi-monthly training and coaching sessions, action steps for taking the work into your business and life, and lifetime access to my online content Public Speaking 101, which contains practices & meditations to help you stay on track between meetings.
  • You also get a special savings when you opt in to a private package or group programs. 

    $2 for 6 month membership



    $97/month (minimum 3 month commitment)


Want a taster? Come to the FREE CLASS Johanna is offering on January 30, 6-8pm in Boulder. Details and registration HERE