Speaker’s Playground – Monthly Membership

Speaker's Playground - Monthly Membership

  • Terms & Conditions

    By clicking the Sign Me Up button below, you understand and agree that you are becoming a member of The Speaker's Playground. As a monthly member, you are making a commitment of AT LEAST 3 months at $97/month. After your initial payment, your credit card will be charged each month on that day of the month UNTIL YOU CANCEL. To cancel your membership, please notify concierge@johannawalker.com at least 14 days before your last day of membership.

    NOTE: If you are intending to participate for only three months, your membership WILL NOT cancel automatically at the end of three months. You must notify us when you are ready to end your membership.

    You also understand and agree that your membership includes: 2 in person sessions per month and access to online portal with supplemental material. Missed sessions may be made up in the alternate day's class during your membership.

    If you join the playground and after your first session decide it’s not for you, you have 2 weeks from your date of purchase to request an early cancellation of your membership. In this case, your current month's payment will not be refunded, but subsequent months will not be charged.

    Once you submit this form and agree to the terms and conditions, you'll be taken to a form to submit your credit card information. Upon registration, you'll receive two emails: one giving you access to the online portal, one with details on the Playground. We look forward to working with you!