Speaker’s Playground – 6 month membership

Speaker's Playground 6 Month Membership

  • Terms & Conditions

    By clicking the Sign Me Up button below, you understand and agree that you are becoming a members of The Speaker's Playground. As a 6-month member, you commit to 6 months of membership. After your first six months, you may opt to join for another 6 months, or your membership will renew month-to-month at the rate of $97/month. If you choose to end your membership at the end of 6 months, please notify concierge@johannawalker.com at least 14 days before the end of your membership.

    You also understand and agree that your membership includes: 2 in person group sessions per month and access to online portal with supplemental material.

    Missed sessions may be made up at any time during your membership in the alternate group. You may pause your membership in 1 month increments one time during your membership. If you join the playground and after your first session you determine for any reason that it’s not for you, you have 1 week from your first visit to request a refund and receive a refund for the unused portion of your membership.

    Once you submit this form and agree to the terms and conditions, you'll be taken to a form where you will enter your credit card information. After registration, you'll receive two emails: one with welcome & details for the Playground; one giving you access to the online portal. ***It's very important that you activate your portal membership in order to receive ongoing emails.*** If you don't receive either one of these emails, please contact info@johannawalker.com to let us know. We look forward to working (and playing!) with you.