cropped-mmegaphone-header.jpgJohanna offers one-on-one Public Speaking coaching to select clients to help them achieve their biggest boldest speaking goals. We’ll design a package that fits your needs, based on where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. Here are some ways people have used Johanna’s support:

  • If fear of public speaking is your biggest stumbling block we’ll take on that fear together. I’ll teach you ways to meet it, greet it, and transform it into dynamic power. (Yes, even YOUR magnificent fear, which I know feels way worse than anyone else’s.)
  • If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to broadcast the word of your business in a bigger bolder way, I’ll help you get that signature talk written, dig for the heart of your message and pull all those millions of ideas together to craft a talk that converts to clients.
  • Got a vision of you on the TEDx stage? You’ve got an amazing story to tell that can change lives. I’d love to help you tell it. Watch my TED-style talk here.
  • Got a talk you’ve already given? Let’s tweak it and turn it into a talk that touches people in a more powerful way and has the impact you want it to have.
  • Need help thinking through a marketing plan, and work out how this talk is going to actually grow your business? I’m all ears. And ideas. And experience building a marketing pipeline that walks clients from the audience to your office.
  • Want to work on that elevator pitch? Yep. Got that too.

Like that. There’s no template, no formula, but when you and I get in a room together, I’ll meet you exactly where you are and help you take the steps you need to take to get you where you want to go.


The most economical way to work is to purchase a package. It’s still you and me starting right where you are, designing our time based on your particular needs, but with a package we’ve got a clear goal and clear commitment upfront, which in my experience helps people move forward faster and more effectively. CLICK HERE to apply for a discovery session so we can find the package that works for you.


However we get there, we’ll watch magic happen. Before you know it you’ll be embodying your message with confidence and clarity, taking the stage, moving audiences to take action, and ensuring that future clients know you’re the one they want to work with.

I know you’re powerful.
I know you have something to say
Why keep it hidden any longer?
You won’t be alone. And you’re gonna be awesome.

Ready to dive in? Click HERE to schedule a time to chat, and we’ll find the package that’s right for you.