2015.05.22_02_142 copyI know you have something to say.
Something big.
An idea the world needs to hear.
A story only you can tell.
I want to help you say it:
with dynamic power and authentic presence.

I’m a storyteller, a deep listener,
and a champion for your true voice.

As a public speaking coach, I help entrepreneurs and people with a mission make friends with their fear of public speaking so they can share their ideas with the world.  

My work is about so much more than getting over that fear: it’s about getting raw and real, getting connected, getting embodied, and getting more of yourself to have more fun speaking.

It’s about stepping into a bigger version of yourself, making real connections with the people you can best serve, and getting to do more of the work you love.

And it’s about telling stories. Here’s a story I told not too long ago. Have a listen.

Ultimately, I do this work because I love people and the stories they tell.  I love helping passionate, inspired speakers and wanna-be-speakers share their stories with the world. I love seeing someone walk right up to her fear, shake its hand, and keep right on going.  

I love how stories connect us to each other in a way nothing else does.  

I love when Big Changes happen right before my eyes.

My Approach

This is scary stuff.  I get it.
That’s why I work to create a safe, nurturing space for you to tell your story.

I know that right underneath that fear are the treasures you’re longing to share.  On the other side of that fear is presence, power, and clarity. Together we’ll dig for the treasures, and get to the heart of your message.

Thankfully, I have wildly eclectic interests —
and this is where they work to your advantage!

I bring a dancer’s whole-body awareness to speaking.
A poet’s eye for artistry to content.
A revolutionary’s oomph to sharing ideas.
A puzzle-lover’s focus to format.
And a plain old human’s compassion to vulnerability.

As a trained WholeSpeak coach, I focus on 5 main areas in speaking:
Content, Comfort, Connection, Change, and Charisma.

Each session is completely customized to your needs and where you are, right in this moment.  

Nothing freaks me out:
spiritual breakthroughs, vocal unravelings,
existential terror, great goofiness,
supreme self doubt —
I’ll stick with you through it all,
with curiosity and an open heart.


My Story

I grew up surrounded by storytelling.
My granny and granddad told stories on the back porch in Alabama while we watched the gingko tree grow.
My minister Dad told stories from the pulpit and my artist mom told stories with her hands, so

I was poised to become a storyteller.

As a child, though, I was super shy.  I was the epitome of the “good girl,” terrified of doing something wrong, making a mistake, standing out, or speaking up.

At the expense of all things human, I chose being invisible over the possibility of being “wrong.” (ouch)

One day I found myself at a microphone in front of a crowd of people commemorating the 20th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State.  Kinda by accident, I read my own poem out loud.  

I loved how it felt to hear my voice landing on the ears and hearts of the audience.  

Afterwards, Alicia Ostriker (a poet-hero of mine) told me she loved my poem.  I began performing at poetry slams, and before long was helping others find their voice …

and the rest is history.

You want the official stuff?

I completed my MFA in Theater: Contemporary Performance at Naropa University and am a Certified WholeSpeak Coach. I’ve also done a host of other trainings & certifications that have helped make me awesome at what I do: Voice work trainings in Roy Hart and Linklater methods, Grotowski Physical Acting, Red Nose Clown Theater, Body-Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement.
I’m wildly creative and wacky and passionate.
I’m also kinda quiet and totally get how scary it can be to speak in front of a roomful of people.

So that’s why I do what I do.

I crack open opportunities for people to experience pure, raw truth.

I also make a mean flaky pie crust.
I’m willing to get dirty, literally and figuratively:
I’ll shovel a garden and delve into the textures of soul.
I love kale, salt & vinegar potato chips and quiet courage.
I get around by bicycle & bus.
I’m a storyteller, a dancing machine, a dogged determinatrix,
an expert questioner and a deep listener.

My greatest wish for you is to taste the freedom of
being fully in your voice, fully in your body,
wildly creative, and dancing with your fear–

with gusto.

Got a story?  I want to hear it.