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Thanks for listening to my interview with Laura. I’m glad you’re interested in igniting your speaking power.

If you’re the kind of person who is a genius in the privacy of your own office, but getting on stage to speak about it makes your belly turn… 

Or if you’re cool getting on stage, but you have no idea how to craft a talk…

Or if you just want a nudge to own your speaking power and get out there and spread your message to a wider audience in a 100% authentic & true-to-your-unique-quirky-self way…

I’m here to give you that nudge. 

I hereby grant you permission to let the world know you’re a badass genius! 

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this class:

  • How to Make friends with your FEAR of public speaking–so you come across as irresistibly real instead of cringe-ingly nervous. Because isn’t that the number one thing that’s stopping you from really going for it as a speaker? 
  • How to Get to the HEART of your MESSAGE— You know you have something to say! You just don’t quite know how to say it yet. I have a unique bag of tools to help you uncover your tweetable, sharable, top-line idea and the most compelling STORIES that support it. 
  • What it takes to risk BEING VISIBLE—That’s right. VISIBLE. So you get out of your own way, and the people who you can serve SEE you taking the stage, being your bold beautiful brilliant self, and saying “Tell me more! I’m in!” 
  • The NUMBER ONE thing that most speakers skip over that will transform your speaking journey.

PLUS you’ll get next steps for crafting a dynamic talk that converts to clients you adore, and positions you as the genius expert you know you are.

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