Give them the tools they need to
own any room, and grow the leaders
your company needs to thrive.

Unconventional Training for Out-of-the-box Results

You’ve sat through too many presentations that make you want to hit the snooze button so you can wake up when it’s over.

You’ve watched smart, talented team members hide in the back of the room, passing up presentation opportunities, swallowing their words and falling back in their career advancement.

You’ve scrambled to fill a leadership position, and when you look around the room, no one is ready to step into that role, because they just can't move a room to action.

What if your company focused on growing the leadership potential of each employee?

What would be the impact if your entire team had the skill and confidence to present more effectively, and understood to the bone the story your company is telling?

When you amplify the communication and leadership skills of everyone on the team, you’ll watch the entire team rise to its highest potential,

and your company will have the leaders it needs to thrive in the 21st century.


Johanna Walker is a dynamic presenter, trainer, storytelling expert and coach with a powerful presentation approach that energizes audiences and leads to change that lasts.

She creates an engaging learning environment through which participants gain skills to step into authentic leadership. Whether speaking one on one with a client, leading a meeting, or presenting to a large audience, articipants learn to present in a way that consistently commands the room, creates meaningful connection, inspires action and closes the sale.

Programs are highly interactive, immediately applicable, and are customized to meet your company’s needs. Depending on your goals, content can be delivered in a 45-minute keynote, a half-day or full day training, a 3-day intensive, or ongoing group training over several months.

"Johanna invigorated our annual board of directors retreat with her training that got us telling stories from the heart. The exercises she led simultaneously nudged us out of our stuck-in-the-mud comfort zones while building foundations for the hard work of connection. Isn't that what communication is all about?" Evelyn King Metcalf, President, SENG Board of Directors

Johanna Walker - Group Training

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While I can support your team long-term through ongoing speaker training, here are 2 of my most popular daylong trainings. Let’s talk about building a program that’s best meets the needs of your organization.

Ignite Your Speaking Power

Your organization has a wealth of talented people with big ideas, change-making smarts and massive leadership potential. But when it comes to sharing those ideas in presentations and meetings, they often get lost behind lack of confidence and self-doubt. That’s costing you real dollars in lost productivity, lack of employee engagement, and buried innovation.

In this training, participants learn tools and techniques to deliver dynamic, high-impact presentations so they can step into leadership and directly impact the bottom-line.

Stop watching team members swallow their message, hide in the back of the room, hedge in meetings, or even go on and on like windbags. Instead, create a culture where they grow into their full potential with the skill & confidence to nail any speaking situation, and become the leaders your company needs.

Top Take-aways:

Johanna Walker - Speaking

"This training exceeded our expectations. Johanna’s presentation style was was fun and engaging, and even the most skeptical of participants got on board, took risks, and walked away with new skills. I’m confident they’ll be better leaders because of it."
Aaron Nagel, Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer League

The Business of Storytelling

Research shows that the most powerful way that humans connect is through story. Show slide after slide of stats & numbers and you may get some interest, but tell a story and you’ll have audiences flocking towards you wanting more.

In this training, participants learn the fundamentals of a great story--which stories your team members needs to have in their back pocket, how to tell them well, and how to use them to amplify the message at hand.

We’ll uncover the Big Story your company is telling, and how each team member’s role in that story can impact the bottom-line. Plus, participants will learn the secret sauce that make your team’s presentations conversion machines.

Top Take-aways:


Johanna’s trainings incorporate a mix a nuts & bolts tools as well as playful, get-out-of-your-comfort-zone, team-building exercises. Participants leave her trainings invigorated to step into their own speaking power, with new skills, behaviors and the necessary mindset to be effective speakers and leaders.

Ready to build bench strength and leadership potential among your team, and have game-changing impact in your organization?

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