Coaching for Individuals

You want to give a talk that matters.

You want your genius to shine every time you speak, whatever the situation.

And, you want to do it without squeezing your out-of-the-box message into a been-there-done-that template,
and without fear in the driver’s seat.

I open the door to what you already know, cut through the noise,
and show you how to make it happen.

Here are some ways we can work together:

The Speaker’s Playground

The Speaker’s Playground is an ongoing training and practice group where where entrepreneurs, professionals, and community leaders become confident and memorable speakers. Currently meeting on Zoom, sessions are highly experiential, interactive, transformational and wicked fun. Whether you want to speak for your business, advance your career by developing more confidence when presenting, or show up for difficult conversations with more authenticity and heart, you’ll learn the necessary tools to own the room and confidently claim your voice in any speaking situation.


“The Speaker’s Playground is so fun and engaging! When I first found this group, I was struggling with keeping my nerves in check and staying calm and focused during presentations. Over the course of being in this group, I have learned to stay grounded, breathe and relate to my anxiety in a different and new way. You rock, Johanna! I love this group.”

~Auburn Meisner, Relationship coach

Craft Your (Uniquely-You, Client-Attracting, Change-The-World) Talk

Craft Your Talk is a transformational speaker coaching program for coaches & consultants who are ready to craft a game-changing talk and step into thought leadership with confidence and gusto. A combination of a 3-day in person retreat, one on one sessions, group masterminding, a public event to deliver your talk, a professional video of your talk, and support and accountability to get that talk booked on pro stages, Craft Your Talk takes your talk from seed to stage and beyond. You’ll walk away not just with a talk you know in your bones, but a powerful network of peers, and the tools, know-how and confidence to claim your place on the stage as a thought leader.


“My journey with Johanna has been game-changing. Not only have I discovered what I want to share with the world, I am taking action with speaking and have confidence and momentum to keep going. On this wonderful journey, I learned how to cultivate my story, my skills and new ways to connect with others. Johanna is a gifted guide and instructor.”

~ Jill Krush, psychotherapist

Sell it with a Story

Telling the story of your business and why you do what you do is the most effective way to win the hearts and minds of your audiences, sky-rocketing the “know, like and trust” factor, and subsequently turning audiences into customers. In this training, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to dig for, craft and tell your story your story so people will listen, making your sales & marketing efforts dramatically more effective.


Before taking Johanna’s class I had not done much public speaking and I certainly didn’t know how to use story telling to connect with my audience. But participating in Sell It With A Story made all the difference in the world! I have now told the story I worked on in her class many times. Every single time I tell it, I see tears in the eyes of the audience. It was Johanna’s instincts and coaching that helped me hone the story that now sells my business. I am forever grateful!”

~Bambi Wineland, Motherland Travel

Private VIP Coaching

Want to broadcast the word of your business in a bigger bolder way? Got a vision of you on the TEDx stage? Know you want to speak but not sure what to say? Ready to have more impact as a speaker and bring your talk to life? I’ve got you covered. I offer one-on-one coaching to select clients to help them achieve their biggest boldest speaking goals.

Apply here for a Discovery Session and we’ll put our heads together to create a package that’s right for you.

Praise from Clients

The best presentation I have ever given …

The first presentation I gave after working with Johanna was the best presentation I have ever given. I have taken a lot of classes and done a lot of public speaking, but Johanna was able to take my presentations to another level.  Her focus on storytelling is a unique approach that is highly effective.  I would highly recommend her whether you are just starting your public speaking journey or you an experienced veteran.

Ken McDonald, Chief Growth Officer, Team Snap

She understood my “out-of-the-box” message …

Working privately with Johanna helped me move my talk from too much boring information to both accessible and transformational, while at the same time grounded with a powerful call to action. I very much appreciated your ability to understand my “out of the box” message, help me find the arc of my story, and craft and express it in a powerful talk.

Johanna Alper, Medicine Buddha Coaching

My talk generated engagement …

I’m convinced that without your help I might have given an OK talk, but with your help I gave an AMAZING, INSPIRED talk that generated ENGAGEMENT. Just what I was hoping for

Pieter Van Winkle, Soul-Centric Facilitator and Embodied Men’s Leader

A game changer that paid off in spades …

If you are ready to get your message out I highly recommend working with Johanna, as she offers more than words can say. Working with Johanna was a great experience that paid off in spades. Her expertise, guidance and warmth made creating and crafting my talk an unbelievable success. I felt the success of our work together through the over whelming positive feed back (and new clients!) I received after giving my talk to 50 people. Thank you …

Lynda Thayer, Radiant Healing

You helped me create something memorable …

Thank you so much for your wisdom – you really helped me shape this vast and deep offering into something memorable

Lucy Wallace, MA, Founder,

Empowering, motivating and fun. Johanna is an excellent speaking coach …

I’m convinced that Johanna can coax the best out of anyone. She quickly gets you to open up and identify areas of growth, and will help you convey your own human experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of meditation, breathing, diction, dynamics, and story-telling during our sessions. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their online or in-person public speaking skills.

Lauren Shaw

The talk is IN me now like never before …

I can’t tell you how much that helped yesterday. The talk is IN me now like never before. Your witnessing was MAGICAL. Seriously. AMAZING. I’m so grateful for your time and investment. Big exhale. A million whispers, thank you!!!! Johanna helps me get to my best stuff! She helps me hone my content to what matters most. Before we start working, I often feel anxious and by the end I feel calm and prepared. After we work together, I’m always jazzed about what I have to say and feel stoked to share it

Kristen Wheeler, Native Genius Lab

My hidden speaker emerged …

Johanna held a rich, safe container which allowed my hidden speaker to emerge. I evolved from someone who yearned to share her voice, but was afraid, to a bold, playful, confident speaker. What a gift

Sandra Gaskill, Radically Real

Johanna is a master at teaching!

She sees how much a person can linger at the edge of the diving board when it comes to getting their voice out in the world, and she’s willing to continue to stand there and patiently coax and accept and encourage you to take the leap, even if it’s off the “kiddie diving-board.” I’m taking the leap, but the hand-holding is much appreciated

Tom Wells,

Giving voice to what holds me back with whole body awareness …

Johanna’s whole body approach gave me the tools I needed when I’d hit a fear edge and want to cower away from the discomfort and be quiet. Through our work together, I learned to shift the tension and release more power from deep within. I was amazed at all the insights that came up for me during this process and with Johanna’s guidance. Now when I speak I feel so much more connected to myself and my audience. Thank you, Johanna, for your safe and compassionate presence.

Ali Schultz,