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September 17th, 2018

I often say creativity is not just reserved for artists. It’s a birthright. Simply by being alive and human we are creative beings.

Some people hone it more than others. Some people’s creativity gets squashed, but we’ve all got access to it all the time.

That’s what I talked about with Melissa Dinwiddie on her Creative Sandbox Podcast. We had a great conversation about how creative play can help us access more power in our voices.

In this episode we talked about:

  • How I became a fear-blasting, story-telling maven for entrepreneurs and people with a mission
  • How we teach what we need to learn
  • Our personal experiences with becoming comfortable on stage & sharing our stories
  • How connecting to my body through dance helped me to connect to my speaking voice
  • The open door that the play state creates for both of us
  • How fear is a learned pattern that originally served us well, and that is no longer serving us.
  • How creative play shakes those patterns loose and turns the fear into useable energy
  • Stepping through the doorway of fear
  • The power of our stories in others’ lives
  • Creativity being most powerful when there’s a clear container for it. 

Have a listen! 

Here are some quotes from our conversation:

“I was pretty good at figuring out what the right answer was, so I would deliver the right answer or if I wasn’t 100% sure I had the right answer, I stayed quiet.” – Johanna Walker

“Connecting to my body through dance was a huge way of connecting to my voice and my power.” – Johanna Walker

“You can’t be in fear and be in that play state at the same time.” -Melissa Dinwiddie

“When we’re in that play state, we get our full, authentic selves to show up.” – Melissa Dinwiddie

“Play is bigger than fear. Play is stronger, it is more powerful than fear. Play is mightier.” – Johanna Walker

“Fear is energy. It’s a story we have in our head, but when we can let go of the story, drop into our breath, and our body, and our voice, then the fear is no longer a story it’s just energy and we can play with it.” – Johanna Walker

“We think that they [our stories] don’t matter, or it’s just about me, or it’s too weird, or it’s too dark, or it’s too personal, or there’s some reason not to tell it, but when you can really get that it’s not about me, it’s a gift, then it’s just like here we go.” – Johanna Walker

“The more clear the limitation is [on my creativity] the more room is for me to push up against the edges and feel my fullness and push the edges out a little.” – Johanna Walker 



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