Let’s talk about breath, baby!

February 5th, 2018

I want to talk about breath. Breath is what it’s all about. Breath is the foundation. Breath is where it all begins and where it all ends. 

If you’re out there speaking, or even if you’re in here speaking, you’re not going to get very far without breath. 

If you’re telling a hilarious story, you gotta have breath. 

If you’re selling something super cool, you gotta have breath. 

If you’re speaking some hard truth, you gotta have breath. 

On and on. You get the idea. 

More and more with my clients I am backing way up and starting with breath.

Because here’s the thing–if you connect your breath with your body and your voice and your heart, then YOUR MIND has got nothing on that powerful quadrafecta. 

Seriously. When your mind spins out on a nutcase trip to the land of “I suck and I’m a loser and what was I thinking giving this talk anyway,” the #1 thing you can do is…

Yes, you guessed it…


Take it back to the breath.
Take it right back to square one.
Numero uno.
Where it all began. 

Your breath will bring you back to your body. When you’re back in your body, your voice will remember that it lives there, not in the shady crevices of your mind. When your voice is truly coming through your body, it can’t help but vibrate through your heart.

And when all that’s happening at once? Your mind (that’s running at the mouth with lies about your worthiness) is like, “Um…hey…what’s going on here? Where’s my couch? Are you kicking me out? Evicting me? Wait…let me in. I’ll bring chocolate.”

And you, full in your breath, inhabiting your body, vibrating in the depth of your voice, rich in big-hearted heartfulness, you’re like “Uh-uh. Not until you lighten up on the ‘I suck’ business”

Like that. So right now. Sit back in your chair. Take a big full wide deep breath all the way into your belly. As in let your belly get full and big and round with breath. Let the breath go into your ribcage and your back and your pelvis. Yes. Like that. 

That’s where I want you to go any time your mind starts to run off at the mouth with lies about you.

Not only will it quiet your mind, but it will give you way more resonant vocal power for your voice to shine its light in the world.


Just in case you want some more support around getting that quadrafecta of your VOICE, BODY, BREATH, and HEART all on the same page, to support your SPEAKING POWER any time you take the stage, any time you walk into a room, check out SPEAKER’S PLAYGROUND, an ongoing practice & coaching group for speakers and speaker-wanna-be’s who are ready to (re)claim their speaking power.

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