You are amazing! Now tell a story about it

March 13th, 2017

amazingI have an amazing friend who is a long-time, die-hard New Yorker. She’s lived in the same tiny apartment between Avenues C & D in the East Village for 30 years. The bathtub is in the kitchen. (And it’s my favorite bathtub in the world)

Jane takes bubble baths and wears bright red lipstick and has spent a good part of her career working as a hospice nurse for homeless men with AIDS.

She tells stories and finds the treasure in everyone she meets.

We met in a week-long community dance training in Washington DC in 1994, and became fast friends by telling one another stories about love. When the training ended, I went back to Ohio, she went back to New York, and we agreed to write love letters to one another.

As in letters about love, and all the many ways it manifests in our lives.

For a long time, we did.

It was amazing.
But in Jane’s world, everything is amazing.

(If you’re ever feeling dull, or uninspired, or like your life is not all shiny and fancy like that other person’s is, give Jane a call and she will remind you of the amazingness of it all.)

I got reminded of that this week because another amazing friend gave me an assignment to ask a stranger about something amazing that happened in the last week.

It took a while for me to get around to doing it, because who walks up to strangers and asks them a question like that?

Apparently I do.
Here’s this week’s Just Say Something video.

About the AMAZING stories right before your eyes.

Have a listen. This one’s just under 4 minutes.

just say something

Now go find a stranger and ask them what amazing this happened in their life this week, and post in the comments a story you hear. Or what cracked open when you asked the question. Or what amazing thing happened in your life this week.

Go! Now! Do it!

See you out there!

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