How to be a You-Tube Sensation (or not)

December 17th, 2016

I’m not gonna try to lure you into watching this video.

I’m not gonna dangle a little carrot so you’re tempted to see what’s inside.

I’m not gonna tease and tempt you.

I’m not gonna make you hyper aware of your pain so you grovel to the play button in hopes of having your problem solved.

I’m not gonna appeal to your inner hero to get you to click so you feel like you can conquer the world simply by clicking this link.

I’m not gonna make you wish you were someone other than you are.

I’m not gonna convince you you should be a better version of yourself.

I’m not promise the secret to how to go out into the world bigger, bolder, and brighter today.

I’m not gonna whine and guilt you into opening it.

I’m not gonna promise 6 figures, or a better love life, or the path to being the next Oprah, or the secret to not working, or how to live the rest of your life on a beech.

I’m not gonna make you feel like the only way to happiness, or skinniness, or great sex is to click this video.

But I did make episode 3 of JUST SAY SOMETHING with Johanna Walker.

And I am going to invite you to watch it.

Just because.

OK OK one hint:

In this video I share THE ORIGINAL NOTE given to me by a beloved friend a bunch of years ago when I was afraid I might say something stupid.

It now hangs on my bulletin board as a reminder every day.

Listen to see what he wrote.

There. Had to give you a reason. I knew JUST BECAUSE wasn’t gonna cut it.

OK. Now watch.

How ’bout you? If you weren’t worried about what someone else might think, if you had total permission to F&*k up, what would you say?

Post it in the comments below! Then share this video with someone you know who has something to say that they’re not saying yet.

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