February 4th, 2016


what's your story

You’ve got a story to tell.

The story of why you do what you do. Of how you know what you know. Of that huge risk you took to get where you are today. That terrible mistake you made. The one that you’ve been keeping under wraps because who would want to hear that story.

Yes, that one.

You’ve probably heard that without a compelling story, your message is “dead on arrival.”

You know that telling a story is the best way to emotionally connect with your audience and inspire them to take action.

Plus, when you tell a story, you’re more YOU.
You get to relax and let the story speak for itself.

Your audience gets to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

And then they want to hire you.

But you’re kinda clueless about what makes a good story,
how to structure it,
how to tell it in a way that knocks your audience’s socks off.

You get lost on the back roads and lose track of the destination.
You ramble on and on.
You don’t know which information matters so you just cross your fingers and hope it goes well.

I mean… you lived the story, so you should just be able to tell it, right?

You can…if you know which story to tell, and the steps to make it great. 

That’s exactly what we’re going to do in this one-day training.

I’ll give you what you need to walk out knowing in your bones
what makes a great story,
and how to tell yours in a way that’s totally authentic
and moves the right people to act.

Here are the details:

ONE day-long workshop that will give you the foundations you need to TELL A POWERFUL STORY!

PART #1: DIG: Find the stories that are yours to tell

  • GENERATE a list of stories that are at the HEART of your business and your life.
  • Craft the arc of a story so it builds INTEREST and MOMENTUM.
  • Uncover the essential elements of a GREAT STORY

PART #2: DEVELOP: Make Your Story POP!

  • Discover the DETAILS that enhance the IMAGE-WORLD of the story
  • Awaken the SENSES through the story and bring it to LIFE
  • Get clear on which parts of your story to leave in and which parts to leave out.

PART #3: DELIVER: Move Your Audiences To ACTION

  • Build SUSPENSE, CURIOSITY, and ENGAGEMENT so audiences say “TELL ME MORE!”
  • ENLIVEN your WORDS to bring fresh and powerful ENERGY to your SPEAKING.
  • Bring more of YOURSELF to the stage and REACH the people you’re meant to serve.

Join me for this ONE-DAY INTENSIVE workshop
to learn to CRAFT THE STORY you want to tell,
and BE CONFIDENT AND COMFORTABLE on stage any time you speak.

CLICK HERE to find out when Sell it With a Story will be offered again.



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