June 1st, 2015


You do amazing work. You change lives. And besides that, you love it. It brings you to life. You get in your genius zone and there’s no turning back.

You know what it’s like when you connect with a client YOU KNOW you can help. It’s like magic. A match made in heaven.

But you’re kinda having a hard time finding that person.

The clients aren’t rolling in the way you wish they were.

“But I’m doing everything right!” you say.

You’ve got a (mostly) great website. You’ve (pretty much) honed your elevator pitch. You (sometimes) go to networking events. You’re the real deal. You don’t do that thing of smearing your sales pitch all over unsuspecting customers.

That’s not you. No way. You make real connections.


I suspect you’re here because you know that if you want to serve,
you gotta
sell what you serve.

And if you wanna sell, you gotta speak.

No big secret. It’s not rocket science:

Get in front of a roomful of people, show them what a genius you are, how well you know your stuff and how much YOU CAN HELP THEM, then they want to hire you.

Easy peasy.

So what’s the sticking point? Why do so many entrepreneurs still moan about not having enough clients?

I recently asked a room full of entrepreneurs:

“If you know that speaking is the number one way to reach more people, become the go-to expert in your field, skyrocket the Kow-Like-Trust factor and get more clients…and you’re NOT speaking, why not?”

Wanna know what they said?

We don’t know how to get gigs!

So that’s why I built this program. To help YOU book speaking gigs.

But here’s the thing: Getting booked is all about strategy.  

It’s not just getting the gig, but it’s what happens before, during and after the gig that gets you connected to the clients you want to serve.

That’s why I created this  course:  

Strategic Speaking:

Your Path to Growing Your Business Through Public Speaking

(Yes, even if that scares the bejeezus out of you.)

It’s a 6-week online program that will show you the steps and hold you accountable to TAKE ACTION, BUILD BIG PICTURE STRATEGY and GET OUT THERE SPEAKING.

I will show you the steps, yes.

BUT the single most important thing you need is to TAKE ACTION.

And gol darnit (yes I just said gol darnit. Cuz that’s how I roll) taking action is hard when you’re sitting at home alone and your fear and self-doubt take a gentle hold on your neck so you don’t make that call, send that email, write that speaker sheet.

This is gonna be 6 weeks of FUNCOMMUNITY and ACTION.

Click here and let me know you want to hear about it
next time we offer it live






  • Your commitment and desire to get your message heard and grow your client practice
  • 15-30 minutes per day to TAKE ACTION


  • Your complete speakers packet—speaker sheet, your intro, your title & description of your talk
  • If you don’t walk away with a gig, you’ll walk away with a clear action plan and the know-how for getting gigs
  • A speakers hit list, with organizations, groups, conferences you want to contact
  • A strategy for moving forward


You get access to new content each Monday, with bite-sized, daily action steps to move you forward. Take one baby step each day for 15-20 minutes, or do one 2 hour chunk each week. You do the work in a way that works for you, but however you work you KEEP TAKING ACTION.

We meet on ZOOM each Thursday afternoon for a Q&A, and the opportunity to set an intention for our work time together, then we use the virtual, co-working time to take the steps that otherwise we so easily kick to the wayside. 

You get to do the work at your own pace, OR dive in with the live group and get the added support of your fellow speakers on the journey. 

PLUS: You get lifetime access to the content, so you can return to the content any time you have a new question, and you’re invited to participate again each time I offer the class live.


We’re gonna make it so hard for you to weasel your way out of this one.

But just wait till the end of those 6 weeks!!!

YOUR INVESTMENT for everything you need to build your speaker strategy is $397.


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