Magnify Your Message: Craft Your Signature Talk--Johanna Walker

MAGNIFY YOUR MESSAGE: Craft Your Signature Talk

MAGNIFY YOUR MESSAGE: Craft Your Signature Talk

for Entrepreneurs and People With A Mission

Find your POWER and PRESENCE as a speaker,
EXPAND your audience and INSPIRE them to action.

  • Do you ever find yourself in the audience thinking “Hey! That should be me up there!”
  • Do you love the idea of speaking, but have no idea where to begin when crafting your talk?
  • Do you want to expand your reach and become known as an expert in your field, and the endless networking is wearing you out?
  • Do you have so many ideas bouncing around in your head and message clarity feels a million miles away?
  • Want to feel more connected to yourself and your audience, but you crawl out of your skin when it’s your turn to talk?
  • Do you feel deeply passionate about your work, but when you speak, it comes out flat?
  • Or perhaps you’re comfortable speaking, but any vulnerability is way outside your comfort zone?

For 15 years I’ve been helping people speak in public in spite of the fear that tells them not to. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, business execs, adolescent girls, and incarcerated women. I also have my own story of silencing my voice and being terrified of speaking.

Over and over, I have witnessed the transformative power of SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH.

There’s nothing like standing in front of a room, sweating buckets and shaking with nerves, praying the allotted time would just be over – your mind blank, painfully separate from everyone and everything around you. The speech ends and you wonder how you missed the whole thing.

Yep. Nothing like it. It’s no fun at all.

No wonder so many people are so terrified of public speaking. Who would want to do that?

You hold back your true message…afraid it’s not “right”

…afraid others will laugh or ridicule you

…afraid you don’t have what it takes

…afraid that what you have to say doesn’t really matter – no one cares.

You procrastinate until the cows come home

…knowing speaking is the #1 way to reach more clients

…knowing the cost of NOT speaking is huge

…knowing your passion and smarts could knock the socks off your audience

But you never get around to getting that talk written
and getting those gigs booked
because there’s always something else to do.

Yet there’s nothing like standing in front of a room
feeling confident in your message,
connected to yourself and to your audience…
delivering your message in a relaxed, powerful, fun way
that has them rushing up afterwards to say I WANT MORE!

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 5.02.39 PM

That’s what I want for you.
Every time you speak.

What’s important is who you are, what’s in your heart and what you bring to stage. That’s the first thing to go when you’re gripped in fear.

I want you to relax back into yourself and let your message SHINE so you can CONNECT with the people you’re meant to serve and do more of the work you’re meant to do.

A teacher of mine once said:

“The difference between a good speaker and a great speaker is 1000 speeches.”

He’s right. I have tons of tricks and tools and practices to share with you…and nothing’s going to change until you get up on your feet, brave the stage and PRACTICE.

That’s what this training is all about. We’re going to get you on your feet, practicing weekly, playing with voice, breath, emotion, gut-level truth, passion and dynamics.

You’ll learn how to connect with your audience and stay connected to your own heart…so you’ll be comfortable and confident in any speaking situation.

That’s just the start – getting you CONNECTED and CONFIDENT on stage.

‘Cause if you ain’t connected, ain’t nothin gonna budge!

This is for those of you who want to walk out of here with a talk that speaks to the heart of what you’re about – a talk that cracks open the hearts of your audience and inspires them with a vision of what’s possible…

…then we dive deeper – honing in on the words, the content, the heart of your message – the nuts and bolts of WHAT TO SAY…then HOW TO SAY IT so your audience is eagerly nodding at the edge of their seats, excited about what you have to offer.

We’ll get that powerful speech crafted, give you plenty of time to refine and fine tune, hand you a microphone, invite an audience and…

you’ll walk away with a knockout speech
you know in your bones

ready to knock the socks off your audiences and future clients.
And you’ll do it all surrounded by a group of other brave speakers, cheering you on and giving you high-value feedback every step of the way. You don’t have to do this alone! You’ll get it done…and get out there to do the real work you’re here to do.

Your voice matters. Your story matters.
Your message is valuable. Even if you don’t know what it is yet.
Even if you feel like someone else could say it better.
There’s a story ONLY YOU can tell.
There’s a truth ONLY YOU can speak.
It needs to be spoken in a powerful, dynamic, authentic way
There are people out there who need to hear it.
And believe me–It will change you.
It will change your audience.
It will change your world.

It’s time to:

 Crack through the fear that’s holding you back

Stand with CONFIDENCE to share your message with a greater audience

Speak from the heart with powerful PRESENCE and authenticity

Realize your vision for your business and your life – by being yourself and speaking your TRUTH

You in? I hope so.


Set up a time to talk to Johanna to begin mapping out a plan to get you speaking powerfully and confidently on stage.

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MAGNIFY YOUR MESSAGE – Nail Your Signature Talk
Step out with a signature talk that’s fine-tuned and ready to reach a larger audience, build your following, easily attract more of your best clients and inspire them to action.

  • Get to the HEART of your true message and discover your unique SIGNATURE STORY
  • Craft a POWERFUL TALK that engages and touches the hearts of your audiences and INSPIRES them to TAKE ACTION.
  • DELIVER that talk in front of a public audience
  • Step out and EXPAND YOUR REACH and FILL YOUR CLIENT PRACTICE with a clear, step-by-step strategy for booking more SPEAKING GIGS.
  • Talk with Johanna to take the next step!


contact me HERE if you’d like to be contacted when the course if offered again.

    • 8 power group sessions
    • 3 private 1:1 sessions with Johanna
    • 1 FINAL EVENT to deliver your talk to a public audience (June 22)
    • 1 online webinar outlining the nuts&bolts of getting speaking gigs
    • Participation in Sell It With A Story & Public Speaking 101
    • video content and workbook to guide you in your process
    • Professional and share-able video recording of your talk
    • Private Facebook group and a team of fellow brave speakers to join you on the journey of getting your message out there!

MAGNIFY YOUR MESSAGE is for you if you want to…

Walk out the door with a talk that’s ready to knock their socks off
Build your following and attract more of your best clients
Step out with your message and do the work you’re here to do

You’ll learn powerful skills to apply to live speaking and teleseminars

…in meetings, networking events and one-on-one conversations.

But even better…

Speaking your truth in front of others
does something to you.

 There’s a transformation inside you.

Speaking your truth is powerful

Speaking your truth in front of others is TRANSFORMATIVE


You look taller somehow. As if a weight has been lifted and something more solid is starting to grow inside you – something slightly mischievous that’s no longer willing to take the back seat or put up with crap and not say anything.
Does this sound like just what you’re looking for?

If so, Schedule a free 30 minute discovery session to talk with Johanna about whether this is right for YOU.

“One of the scariest moments in my life was when I realized that I had something to say and being quiet wasn’t going to work anymore. Johanna’s course, Magnify Your Message, walked me through not only crafting a message I believe in, but also how to use the energy running inside me to connect with the audience. To deliver the talk to a large audience was incredible. The confidence and empowerment it has built within me will stay with me for a lifetime and extend into many more talks to come”

~Brian Coppom, Director of Boulder Farmer’s Market

“After being a Toastmaster for years, I already knew basic mechanics and skills for speech writing and delivery. Working with Johanna, I learned so much more. I learned to craft a speech from my personal stories, my unique authority, and my vulnerability. I learned to deliver it from my heart and touch the audience with my emotion. Way beyond mechanics, I learned to connect with my audience.”

~Lori Sandler, Mother and Speaker

“I wanted to create a talk in order to increase the visibility of my business. In spite of the fact that I love what I do, and love talking about what I do, figuring out what I wanted to say somehow felt like an impossible task.  Johanna’s unique approach to speech-crafting took me on a journey from confusion to clarity. Now I feel emboldened by having faced a fear, gone through a rich creative process, and having shared aspects of my being that often stay hidden.”

~Rafia Sharon Rebeck, Psychotherapist

“In my experience, Johanna carries a gift beyond what she teaches as tools, techniques, awareness, etc. She offeres an essence that can take a novice or a pro into a secret, alive place within themselves that had been cordoned off…helping to set a spark of aliveness to that formerly blocked Voice of self. Go–give yourself that gift.”

~Susan Grace, artist and coach

“The talk is IN me now like never before. Your witnessing was MAGICAL. Seriously. AMAZING. I’m so grateful for your time and investment.”

~Kristen Wheeler, Founder, Native Genius Lab

MAGNIFY YOUR MESSAGE: Craft Your Signature Talk

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