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Want to speak more powerfully? AND more often?

So you’re ready to GET REAL and GET OUT THERE and become a more powerful public speaker, right? You know you have a message, a story to tell, a small seed of truth that will change the world. Or you’ve got a business you’re passionate about you and you want to reach more of your ideal clients. You know public speaking is the best way to leverage your time, position yourself as an expert and do more of the work you love.

You want to give a talk that moves people to action.
You want to speak from your heart and have fun doing it.
You want to rise above the rest.

But you just can't seem to make that talk happen. Every time you sit down to work on it, the Facebook newsfeed looks way more interesting. Not to mention what happens when you get in front of a group of people to speak...Your throat dries up. Your palms sweat. You talk too fast. You go blank. You...um... stumble. The talk ends and you feel like you missed the whole thing. People aren’t clamoring to work with you. So you hang out in the back of the room, keep your brilliance under wraps, and go home to send another email instead.

Sound familiar?

You've come to the right place!

It doesn't have to be this way. As your public speaking coach, I’ll teach you practical skills to craft your signature talk, speak with confidence, and convey your message with strength and heart. You'll see how public speaking is THE MOST effective way to magnetize your ideal client, and do more of the work you love.

Based in Boulder, CO, and working internationally via Skype, at GET REAL Public Speaking, we don’t mess around. I'll help you show up as the best version of you, so you nail your message, have more fun speaking, and your audiences say “Yes! Where do I sign up?”

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See why I was born to help you create the powerful talk that until now you’ve only dreamed of. I’m a storyteller, a deep listener, and a champion for your true voice.

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Speaker’s Playground

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A dynamic presenter, trainer, storytelling expert and coach, Johanna Walker brings a powerful presentation approach that energizes audiences and leads to lasting change.