swl-2014Inspire your team to own the room
every time they speak

Johanna Walker is a dynamic presenter, trainer, storytelling expert and coach with a powerful presentation approach that energizes audiences and leads to lasting change. She creates an engaging learning environment through which she invites participants to step into authentic leadership–whether one on one with a client on speaking to a large audience.

Participants learn to present in a way that consistently commands the room, creates authentic connection, inspires action and closes the sale. Programs are highly interactive, immediately applicable, and are customized to meet your company’s needs.

When presenting at your conference or meeting, Johanna’s dynamic and entertaining talks will infuse energy into the crowd and light the fire of engagement throughout the meeting. Depending on your needs, content can be delivered in a 90-minute presentation, a half-day or full day training, or a 3-day intensive.

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Get Lasting Results

Whatever the content, audiences will remember how they felt more than what they heard. Your presence and body language is as important as the content you present. No matter how brilliant the content, if your presentation skills are lacking, the content will disappear behind lack of confidence and self-doubt.

In this training, you’ll get tools and techniques to deliver powerful, high-impact presentations that lead audiences to take action every time. Stop watching team members swallow their message, hide in the back of the room, hedge in meetings, or even go on and on like windbags and create a culture where they instead grow fully into their potential.

Positive feedback and actionable critique is given, with practice tools that lead to sustainable change.

Participants will learn:
• How to craft presentations that are crystal clear and get right to the point
• The number 1 tip for connecting with any audience.
• How to represent the company well, so audiences talk about your speaker/your company long after he or she is gone.
• The big mistake most speakers make when closing the talk.

Because fear of public speaking
should never be a deal breaker

It shows up in so many ways for everyone. Your team members may not identify “the thing that gets in the way” as fear, but any time we’re not performing at our best, it all comes back to fear. Fear of succeeding. Fear of failing. Fear of humiliation. Fear of losing the sale. Fear of closing. Fear of saying the wrong thing. Fear of pissing someone off. Fear of claiming the stage in a big, bold way.

However it shows up, right on the other side of that fear is the thing you want: the sale, the excitement of showing up for work in the morning, the money, the impact you’ll have in the world.

In this presentation, participants will learn how to change their relationship with fear so it becomes an ally to having greater impact towards the mission of the company.

Participants will learn:
• The biggest mistake managers make when addressing their teams “challenges”
• How fear can actually be the doorway to more clients and more money
• The surprising ways fear and self-doubt might be undermining your team’s genius
• How living in your comfort zone can be the biggest mistake for business
• Daily practice tools that can turn it around once and for all

How to capture your audience’s hearts & minds, and watch sales go through the roof

Most buying decisions are made based on emotions. We want the facts and figures, yes. We want proof. Evidence. Stats. Science. But when it comes down to making a decision to move forward, most buyers make decisions based on emotions: about the thing she’s buying, or the person he’s buying from.

Research shows that the most powerful way that humans connect with one another is through story. Show slide after slide of stats & numbers, and you may get some interest, but tell a story and you’ll have audiences flocking towards you wanting more.

In this presentation, we’ll cover the basics of storytelling–the stories you need to have in your back pocket, how to tell them well, and how to use stories to grow your business. Plus the secret sauce that make your team’s presentations conversion machines: Start with story. Logic later.

Participants will learn:
• How to craft a story so your audience is sitting on the edge of their seats
• The 4 types of stories you must have in your back pocket any time you present
• How the story can derail your presentation if you don’t know where it’s going
• A formula for story-crafting that still allows you to be uniquely you
• Why telling a story is absolutely essential for making the sale
• The biggest mistake most speakers make when they incorporate stories into their talks

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